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Loops in python


A loop is used for iterating in data structure for example list,tuple,set or a dictionary, also loops can be utilized to iterate in strings.


There are two types of loops in python       

        1) For loop

        2) While loop


Mostly while loop is used whenever you want to execute block of code until any given condition is satisfied


For loop


below is simple demonstration of for loop to iterate in list.


lst = ["apples","mangoes","oranges","coconut","almonds"]
for value in lst:


For loop using range() function


for i in range(0,10,+2):


In above script 0 is representing starting index of for loop 10 isrepresenting ending index although loop will run less then 10 times that is 9 so range will be from 0 to 9, and +2 is incremental of for loop


While loop


Basic syntax of while loop is given below


while condition:


below is simple demonstration of while loop to iterate in list.


lst = ["apples","mangoes","oranges","coconut","almonds"]
i = 0
while i<len(lst):




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