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Palestine is a State of Permanent Conflict Punctuated by Periodic Carnage,Only the Watching World Can Stop them from bleeding

Palestine is a State of Permanent Conflict Punctuated by Periodic Carnage,Only the Watching World Can Stop them from bleeding

May 15, 2021, 9:11 a.m.

While recent developments in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories may be unpredictable, events were inevitable. This is because from time to time. The permanent conflict caused by the genocide is written in the very DNA of Israeli-Palestinian relations as it has existed for almost 75 years.

Israel is a Jewish state. In practice, this means that the state, its institutions, and policies are designed to ensure the perpetuation of the Jewish majority, which is given higher rights and privileges than Israel's Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Druze citizens. ۔ The most important of these policies is the reservation of lion's share of land in Israel - very few of which are legally classified as private property that can be freely bought and sold. - For collective Jewish ownership. Even with the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up about twenty-two percent of the population, the Jewish and Palestinian community as a matter of state policy, to ensure different status, Palestinians and permanent, mutual animosity. Enough for Deep enmity between the state and Israel's allies. Since 1967, Israel has extended the system to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in what is known as the "Crawling Alliance." Its strategic goal is permanent control over the maximum amount of land with the least Arab population.

Half a century of vast Palestinian land and settlement expansion has largely achieved this goal. Since 1993, the confusion over the peace process has provided Israel with a diplomatic umbrella that could dramatically accelerate its policies. There was no chance of peace or coexistence, when the Palestinian uprising of 2000-2005 took one form or another and resulted in various predecessors. Israel's regional Jewish settlement plan, and its aftermath, has been in full swing in recent weeks in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in East Jerusalem. This criticism of Israel is unfoundedly provoking the Palestinians, and the fact that its judiciary and security forces are aiding and abetting extremist settlers reminds us of the more obvious fact that the regional ghetto Israel

There is a struggle to capture this city, to settle the basic tools, and its facility is central to the mission. The recent events in Sheikh Jareh, in which Israel applies its domestic legislation to the Palestinian territories in violation of international law to advance the project, have been repeated many times over the years. The Palestinians have constantly fought by all means, only to be repeatedly defeated. Within East Jerusalem, which Israel has effectively separated from the rest of the Occupied Territories, Israeli Palestinians have played a significant role in defending their Arab role and its Muslim holy sites, and Helped lead recent opposition to expansion. Settlement in Sheikh Jarrah and attack on Haram al-Sharif, the plaza at the top of the ancient city, which includes Al-Aqsa Mosque, the most revered site in Islam. Jerusalem's powerful and multifaceted symbol, without which no Palestinian self-determination can exist, its appeal for salvation is one of the few issues that have been able to mobilize the scattered Palestinians on a national basis. , Even their national movement is broken. For the Palestinian citizens of Israel, Shaikh, Sheikh Jararah not only did something with his compatriots in the Israeli-occupied territories, but also represented what was wrong with their own situation in Israel. That is why not only did they come to Jerusalem, but they began protesting in their own cities and villages against Israel and its policies. In the occupied territories, both Abbas and Hamas are facing serious legal crises, and they hope to face new legislation and presidential elections in May and July this year, respectively. But when Abbas faced more serious electoral challenges than he expected, he used Israel's refusal as an excuse to allow a referendum in East Jerusalem instead of mobilizing his people to defend their rights.

Palestine-israel conflict

The PA has been working hard behind the scenes to cover up the unrest in the West Bank, despite widespread AWOL during recent events, giving Hamas the opportunity to demonstrate that it is failing to maintain its provincial government. Wants more For the first time since taking power in the Gaza Strip in 2007, it has confronted Israel over issues that have arisen outside the region. He said a decade-and-a-half blockade of Israel's coastal area, which demonstrates many of the features of the siege and starved nearly two million Ghaznavids to the point of overcoming its punishment, had deprived them of basic necessities. Access is strictly controlled. Located in context. The Palestinian Islamists had a chance to demonstrate their national credentials, and to improve them at the expense of the conquest, and to seize it with all their might.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by failing to recognize that the Palestinians are down, is not out yet. Once his policies provoked his policies to spiral out of control, he tried to use them to hold on to power and cover up corruption cases that could land him in jail. First by being an example of Israel's security, then by polarizing Israeli society largely enough to sabotage the coalition negotiations being carried out by its various rivals.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, separating responsibility for this latest clash, and understanding why and why it erupted, does not remind me much of Germany. That is, Israeli-Palestinian relations can exist in its current form without conflict, and that Israel is too strong, and the Palestinians too weak, to be transformed into peaceful coexistence.

One option for resolving this stalemate is for the international community, and especially for the United States and Europe, to end the occupation and facilitate the settlement of the two states they claim. Yet in the light of their personal interests, and limited to wapid statements with arsenals, this is out of the question.

The non-existent international political will (and every hint of it and it will be absent) will continue to be a permanent conflict due to the increasing genocide from time to time until the balance of power is fundamentally changed. As a result, the Palestinians' ability or basic status changes Israel. No scenario appears within the visible horizon.