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Google just released dark theme option for its users

Google just released dark theme option for its users

June 29, 2021, 8:48 p.m.


While using google in dark room, white light of your screen is really annoying if you are working. It put stress on eyes if you are working on your pc for long period of time.Every software giant i.w Microsoft & Apple has already introduced dark themes but google is still working on it, but its not like they forgot, for long period of time, users have to utilize 3rd party extensions to enable dark mode, But from now and on, google search page has provided option for dark mode and light mode for its users.

Google just enabled option of dark mode for its search page, Now users can tap on that option for changing appearance to dark mode. that means users don't have to use any 3rd party extension to activate dark mode theme. This feature is also available for every browser out there.

To enable dark theme, click on top right corner of search page

How to enable google dark mode


Thanks to google for saving atleast my eyes.