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‘Black fungus’: Another pendemic?

‘Black fungus’: Another pendemic?

May 23, 2021, 8:41 p.m.

New Delhi: Thousands of corona virus patients in India have contracted a deadly and aggressive fungal infection, adding to the country's woes as it suffers from epidemics.

What is fungus?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), macromycosis, also known as "black fungus", is caused by molds found in soil and in decaying organic matter, such as rotting leaves. happens.

Breathing in fungal infections causes mucormycosis in people, of which there are several types. They can be spread in hospitals and homes through air humidifiers or oxygen tanks containing dirty water.
High mortality rate.

This infection needs to be caught early as it is aggressive and the dead tissue has to be removed. To prevent the brain from moving, surgeons sometimes have to remove patients' noses, eyes, or even jaws.

According to the CDC, the average death rate is 54%.

Once infected, people can die within a few days. However, according to the CDC, it is not contagious. India usually handles a few dozen cases a year.

Usually removes fungi from the body's defenses and only affects people with weakened immune systems such as organ transplants or cancer patients.

Why are coronavirus patients at risk?

With the corona virus and other conditions, a dangerous event called a "cytokine storm" can occur where the immune system moves excessively to damaged organs.Doctors have been prescribing steroids to reduce the immune response.But it weakens the body's defenses and raises the level of sugar, which fungus thrives on.

And what are the factors?

Diabetics - who have high blood sugar - are also at higher risk. India has a high rate of diabetes.Some hospitals and doctors over-prescribe steroids, and some are taking them home without medical advice."People have started using steroids freely, excessively and inappropriately," said Srinath Reddy, a professor at the Public Health Foundation of India.


How many infection cases are there?

According to the Hindustan Times, there are at least 7,250 cases in India that have been referred to a government court.More than 2,000 cases have now been reported in the state of Maharashtra. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat has about 1,200 officials said.

Nine Indian states have now declared the infection an epidemic.Special hospital wards have been opened in many cities.Officials have not said how many people have died of the black fungus nationally. According to the Hindustan Times, 219 people - possibly a small number - have died.

There is a severe shortage of important antifungal drugs to treat infections, amphotericin b.In India, the government and drug companies, once called the "pharmacies of the world", are scrambling to increase production.A health worker, said the government had previously failed to provide adequate supplies of corona virus drugs such as rem remedies and plasma.